West Coast Cub Fly-In 2019 Aircraft Judging

Hello pilots!

This year’s judging criteria is posted below.

You can also click here to download the PDF.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

We look forward to a fun event!

2019 West Coast Cub Fly-In Aircraft Judging

Best Cub … includes any Cub from the J3 type certificates (A691, A692 and A698). This includes the J3C, J3L, J3F and PA11. J2 will also be included.

Best Other Cub … includes any original Piper manufactured Cub aircraft not on the J3 type certificates. This category would include J4, J5, PA12, PA14 and Super Cubs.

Best Contemporary Cub … includes any of the current “Cub Clones” such as the Top Cub, Legend Cub and Carbon Cubs.

Best Not a Cub … includes any aircraft, any type, and any manufacturer. This category to also include home built aircraft.

Pilots Choice … this category is voted on by pilots registered for the Fly-In. All fly-in registered aircraft are eligible.

Each category aircraft will be judged on a 70 point scale. Pilots who wish to have their aircraft judged agree to the stated categories. No deviation from categories will be allowed.